America 's Universal Health Care

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It is noted that although Mexico claims to have universal health care and more residents have limited access to health care, there are things that still need to be done so that individuals receive the care that they need. It can be by providing better public transportation, having more hospitals or more health care partners, providing a wider range of what the insurance covers, etc. Mexico is heading in the right direction, but with these things in mind it will hopefully be utilized more and be more of a success. In California, individuals experience similar situations where they also do not trust their doctor, have some sort of transportation issue, or may have a lack of education to understand what is going on. The slightest attention is given to health care disparities for Latina/os in California, although it affects millions. There are significant issues as to why Latina/os do not have access to health care, which have not been brought to light. Underlying factors can include, having positive or negative feelings towards health care and how it is prioritized, but these are not commonly brought up. The opportunity to resources is cardinal to staying healthy and being successful in life. Without opportunities, one becomes limited with what they can and cannot do. Latina/os are disadvantaged when it comes to levels of education, money, and residency (Berdahl, Kirby, Stone, 2005). The level of ease on obtaining health care varies due to these factors. Education, costs, and transportation are key factors that contribute to health care disparities (Patino Rivers, 2006). The levels of education affect how much one reads and comprehends health care plans and forms; money affects the ability to pay for transportation; residency can a... ... middle of paper ... ...and that by just having reduced health care it will solve all the problems but there is still move that needs to be done. In both California and Mexico we see that it is believed that the number one reason that individuals do not have health care access is because of money. Although this is true to an extent, it is not the only reason and there needs to be some sort of action to help get past these barriers. It is not to say that the changes that have been made are wrong or that progress has not been made by either but this should be seen as just the start. We can see that in both areas the government is aware of the issues that individuals are facing, but researcher need to continue to reach deeper to allow the underlying issues to become present. This would be the only way for residents from each location to all have less barriers to a basic necessity, healthcare.
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