America 's Fast Food Nation

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America Fast Food Nation According to resent studies, Americans eat fast food for the convenience, mostly in the Western and Eastern part of the USA and people that cook and eat at home they are more traditional, for example in the Midwest. Fast food has been part of life in the USA for over 60 years. It has become extremely popular by Americans simply for the convenience. Dining at fast food restaurants in America in the last three decades has gone from being fast food restaurants to convenience food restaurants according to resent studies. There are many reasons why fast food has become extremely popular in America not only because for convenience but because easy access to it. Now in days fast food restaurants franchises have become more popular in the last decade than ever before. One of the most visited fast food restaurants in the US is McDonalds with over 2,300 stores fully functioning, just in the US followed by Burger King, pizzerias and taco places like King Taco, according to recent studies. Statistics show that fast food corporations have been targeting our adolescents for decades with fancy propaganda and super sizing specials, but what kids do not know is how bad junk food damages their bodies’ health, reason being is because parents were never thought how to cook or prepare a good homemade meal when they were kids, therefor they are passing those costumes to the next generations unconsciously affecting not only the youth but elder people too. What we, as adults don’t realize and especially kids is that this way of living is killing us with bad nutrition, heart diseases, liver malfunctions, obesity and many more other illnesses that most of the time kids and adults don’t know they already have. Adopting good... ... middle of paper ... ...ting and preparing healthy foods at home and in school will not only guided us to eat healthy but will show our future generations of kids that a good and healthy meal come with a healthy mind and bodies, because good examples begin at home. An apple a day keeps the doctor away that is a very true saying that society has forgotten, although many people pretend to ignore that that is our true reality, it is possible to make a change not only for our kids or for us, but for generation to come by educating our kids on how to prepare a good meal at home and at school. The benefits of eating healthy will not only prevent obesity but will force government agencies to make better polices to force fast food corporations make healthier foods, because if adults eat healthy foods kids will eat healthy foods therefore healthier future.
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