America and Computer Technology

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I don't think anything has changed our lives as much as computer technology. It is amazing to compare the way we lived before computers to our society today. It is hard to think of any area of our lives that doesn't involve computers in some way. Communication, medical procedures, the way we do banking and even our social lives revolve around computer technology. Even the way we do research and study has changed greatly. Computers are widely used for many personal activities such as hacking, gaming, shopping, chatting, and working. Some people are very proficient at using or programming computers and use their skill to illegally gain access to a computer file or network. This use of computers is known as hacking. These actions can cause damage or disruption to computer systems or networks. Hacking is a major crime and depending on the hacker’s purpose for doing so, they can be punished for several different crimes. Some of these are trespassing, data interference, system interference, misuse of devices, forgery, electronic fraud, and identity theft. Depending on the degree of the computer crime, penalties for hacking could cost up to up to $15,000, twenty years in jail, or both. Another use of the computer is gaming. This is really popular among many teenagers and young adults. Computer games are a form of entertainment. Some people spend hours every day playing games on computers. You can play games online or buy different computer games in stores. Computer games can be very addictive causing some of these users to play compulsively. Players become addicted and then game begins to run their lives as they play almost 24/7. Although gaming is a fun type of entertainment for many, maybe it isn’t always one of the best ways to use y... ... middle of paper ... ...cerning my health. Doctors use different types of computers to complete numerous tasks. They have to use computers to send and receive test results, booking appointments, and other tasks. Workers can also use computers for filing purposes. Before computers they would have to manually file every piece of information. That would be a lot of papers to organize. What used to take hours now takes mere seconds. Students also use computers to do school work, such as this essay. Almost every college student owns a computer. There is no doubt that using computers has made drastic improvements to our society, yet there is some nostalgia when we look at the time when there was a more personal touch. Computers are making tasks more efficient and effective than before, operations safer, and occupation opportunities plentiful. They are, without a doubt, benefiting our society.
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