America a Country Made by Africans

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America a Country Made by Africans The development of Colonial America was based on the fundamental of slavery. Without the labor power of the first African/ Americans the existence of America would be incomprehensible. Countryman's statement, " Their story is "no exception" to what was otherwise a tale of success- it is absolutely fundamental to the history of colonial America." Countryman's statement is in fact correct. This country is was found upon the backbone of African Americans it is evident in the three essays of Countryman's book " How Did American Slavery Begin?" The three essays, which support Countryman's bold statement, are "Ancestry of Inferiority" by A. Leon Higginbotham Jr. "Gullah Roots" by Margaret Washington "Slavery and Freedom" by Edmund Morgan These essays specifically explain how the African Americans helped our founding fathers build this country physically economically and politically When the first African American set foot on this land he was here for one purpose and that was to serve someone, but that was also the same with a Caucasian American. Even though both black and white were treated the same it was obvious that being black was a disadvantage, 'sin'. Englishmen at that time believed that the color black was considered as "the handmaid of and symbol of baseness and evil…" (pg.88). Each servant when coming to America was to serve a master for a certain amount of years. The white servants served the masters for seven years because it was written in their contract which was made in England, but since the blacks came from Africa and had no sort of contract they were kept longer as servants (pg.88). This I believe is the bases for slavery, the more labors they had the more work could be done on plantation making more money. This is the physical part of the, which was built by Africans. The absolute economic success of this country was built on the back of an African American. Blacks were the actually labors and engineers who matched the amount of the world's demand on goods produced in America such as rice, indigo, tobacco, and cotton (pg.75). Certain blacks on the coasts of Guinea were adopted due to the fact they knew how to already ingeniously harvest rice and indigo (pg.73). This Coast became know as 'The Gold Coast'. This though was not the main reason for African Americans to be a major portion of the American labor system.
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