America, Stay Out of It! Should America Invade North Korea

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America, Stay Out of It!
America should not invade North Korea because North Korean dictator, Kim Il Sung, is very hostile and opportunistic, which means they will be ready to fight a bloody, dirty, dangerous war. North Korea, along with their 1.1 million-man army ready to strike at all times, North Korea has two the most powerful and wealthy countries in the world as their allies. Lastly, the economic burden a war would have on America and its citizens is too great to withstand.
After World War II, Korea was divided by the 38th parallel into two separate countries. When Japan seized Korea to America and the Soviets. America backed South Korea with a democratic government, and The Soviets backed North America with a communist government. This divide cause great tension between North Korea and American. Over time, America has made dozens of attempts at peace. They even went so far as drawing up an armistice for peace for North Korea. They have made it clear that peace between these two rival countries will never be.
North Korea has been under completely dictated control from Kim Il Sung and his deceased elders who have been in power before him are nothing to be fooled with. These men have been proven some of the most hostile men in history and have been known to rebel against rules and react to disciplinary attempts, with anger; as they did in 1953 when they announced they would no longer abide by the United Nations brokered treaty set by America. If America does invade North Korea, there needs to be thorough preparation for immediate isolation and containment of the country. Their extreme opportunistic values along with their hostility, makes for a dangerous and deadly backlash toward America. Since North Korea has threatened Ame...

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