America Should Spend More on Space Exploration

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The United Sates federal government is planning on cutting federal funding for space exploration and NASA towards the end of the year. The “Space Race” began in the 1950’s and 1960’s when Russia sent up the first successful, unmanned satellite named Sputnik in into outer space. The U.S. response was the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. During this time, the Soviets sent the first man in to orbit, Yuri Gagarin. Then, in July of 1969, the U.S. took the lead in the race by sending the first men to the moon on Apollo 11(“Space Exploration 1). Ever since then, space exploration has lead to the discovery of much beneficial information that has allowed us to invent some of the greatest devices we now use today. The United States needs to continue its space program and space exploration so we can some together as a human race, continue to discover new and interesting facts, and spark the curiosity of the youth who dream of space. Space exploration has brought nations of the world together. Exploration of space can be traced back to 1609 when Galileo Galilei made significant improvements to the telescope, allowing humans to observe mountains and craters on the moon’s surface (Horowitz 1). This gave birth to the idea that man could explore or inhabit different planets. Recently, countries have been working together in order to enhance the information obtained from space exploration. In 1981, the Soviet Union, Japan, Europe, and the United States formed the Inter-Agency Consultative Group (IACG) to coordinate matters concerning the arrival of Halley’s Comet in five years. The information exchanged between the five space craft was invaluable to studying the comet. The Space Shuttle-Mir Joint Program is one of t... ... middle of paper ... ... very possible. If the space program is ended by the end of the year, there is no hope for humanity to grow and expand. Space exploration is necessary for international unity, the expansion of human knowledge, and the stimulation of curiosity of children. With the international space station being finished, five world powers have put their differences aside and created the greatest international and technological invention of all time. Through space exploration, just in the last 10 years, 150 planets have been discovered beyond our solar system (“Space Exploration” 2). The ideas space can bring to the mind of one who lets it wander could lead to the creation of the next renewable fuel source, or even human inhabiting another planet. If the federal government shuts down NASA and discontinues space exploration, the future survival of humanity may be jeopardized.