America Should Increase Taxes and Lower College Tuition

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For at least a century, tuition at selective private colleges and universities has risen annually by two to three percent more than the rate of inflation (Ehrenberg 1). Tuition increases at public colleges have slowed slightly, but the cost is still out of reach for low-income students. Financial aid has dwindled. A select group of colleges and universities are cutting their tuition; (Carapezza, 2013) however, student debts can stick with a person, even after graduation. Due to a university’s cost, a handful of tuition is passed down to the students. With college follows the higher cost of living. Incomes are limited due to low paying jobs. During my first week in college, everything about college was an adventure. From what to expect in college, to the adaptation of the college environment, the college experience seemed nerve wracking at first. However, the lessons from college proved to be beneficial towards my life. At that moment, not only have I learned about the college experience, I’ve also learn about the burdens of college tuition, how it can impact a person’s life, and as well as being a successful college student. Also, college tuition has escalated my worries toward the future. To help pay for higher education, the federal government offers tuition tax credit programs (College Board, n.d). Anyone who can afford to pay for thousands of dollars can usually ignore it. As for everyone else, when every penny counts, questions will be raised about where every penny is going. If tax dollars were to be invested to either the national health care or the military, for one, transferring taxes to health care will ensure the public's health; however, since taxes was invested in health care, there will be fewer doctors towards a m... ... middle of paper ... ...k. "On Campus | The WGBH News Higher Education Blog| Colleges Lowering Tuition, But Not Necessarily The Price." On Campus. N.p., 25 Oct. 2013. Web. 01 May 2014. Ehrenberg, Ronald. "Tuition Rising: Why Tuition Cost so Much." Cornell University, n.d. Web. Apr.-May 2014. Hood, John. "How to Hold Down College Tuition Costs." Consumers' Research Magazine. October 1993: 10-15. Kantrowitz, Mark. "Causes of Faster-than-inflation Increases in College Tuition." FinAid, 10 Oct. 2012. Web. Apr.-May 2014. Larson, Erik. "Why College Costs So Much." TIME/The Princeton Review: The Best College for You and How to Get In. Spring 1997: 62-68. Martin, Robert E., and Andrew Gillen. "College Pricing and Financial Aid." N.p., Mar. 2011. Web. Apr.-May 2014. "Pay for College - College Tuition Tax Credits." Pay for College - College Tuition Tax Credits. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 May 2014.

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