`` America Runs On Dunkin '

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Fueled by Fat "America runs on Dunkin". This is a familiar phrase across all of America and it could not be more accurate. Dunkin Donuts has experienced great success by selling a variety of comfort foods and beverages that everyone loves. Donuts, bagels, and sweet, caffeinated drinks are loaded with sodium, carbohydrates, sugar, and fat; and as a result it is no surprise obesity is a rising problem in America. However, obesity is not the only major concern for people who eat such fatty, unhealthy foods. People consume many different types of fats everyday. Some fats promote numerous bodily functions, while others raise levels of cholesterol and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases (Mayo Clinic Staff 1). Although it has never been proven, past research deems saturated fat as the primary cause of cardiovascular diseases. Ever since this claim was made decades ago, people have tried to avoid eating saturated fat, but now scientists are questioning whether it is really as lousy for the body as they once believed. With the use of the most recent technology, research proves that saturated fat has no harmful effects on the body and can even be beneficial when it is consumed. Fat comes in various forms and is an essential source of energy that allows the body to function normally. The various types of fat and what each type of fat does to the body is what makes certain foods deadly and other foods energizing. From ice cream and donuts to steak and chicken, fat is present in almost all foods and each item contains different types of fat. Each form of fat has different roles in the body. The Scheidecker !1 staff at the Mayo Clinic tells us that dietary fats are fats from plants and animals that provide the body with energy (1). Ea... ... middle of paper ... ...hether someones favorite comfort food is a jelly-filled donut or a cold mocha frappé, it is likely to contain large amounts of fat. Too much fat can lead to high levels of cholesterol causing deadly diseases such as coronary heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes, but in moderation fat keeps people energized and is essential to living a happy, healthy life. Present day research has proved past research wrong, determining that saturated fats do not have to be Scheidecker !8 reduced or limited and cardiovascular disease can still be avoided. More research will be conducted and from what it has been showing, it looks like it will be in the favor of saturated fats. Saturated fat does not only taste good but it is also good for the body. With technology advancing fast, research will soon be able to prove for a fact that saturated fats are valuable to having good health.
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