America Needs the War in Iraq

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America Needs the War in Iraq

It has been three years since the war in Iraq started. In the US, people are afraid of some attacks, which may come in the future from terrorist groups. The US wants to control Iraq completely this time. Everyday, wherever I go, the news about war catches my ears and eyes. It is on the radio, on the net, and on television programs in the US. It means that everybody in this country really is concerned about the situation in Iraq because of American soldiers who fight in Iraq and people in Iraq. Through some news on television, Iraq is chaos now. Luckily, the US troops are superior. Wounded people are mostly terrorists because the weapons of the coalition troops are more advanced. Even though the US troops are stronger, they have also been harmed. Moreover, to have a war is not cheap. Nevertheless, the US has to stay in this war until they get a victory because of the benefit which the US can get.

The benefit that the US can get from this war is the activation of the war industry. Although the economic situation in the US has been difficult since the end of World War II, this war can change American economy dramatically (Al Swanson 1). For the war, the US government orders weapons and food for military people in Iraq from many local companies in the US. It helps this country to earn a huge amount of money. This also means that it produces more jobs in this country (2). Fortunately, jobless people can find many places to work easily.

Second, for the US, the key for saving its economy is oil in Iraq (Oil Tax Would Fund Iraqi War 1). Dennis Kucinich said, “There is public evidence, especially with the Bush administration considering ...

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...m from other nations, they do not stop the war. For the US Iraq is a very important business partner. Although some bad things may come from the war, it is necessary. Hopefully, in the future, the US can shift its policy for living with other countries happily and peacefully.

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