America Needs a Higher Minimum Wage

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Nearly fifty million Americans live in poverty, and a vital reason is the diminishing value of the minimum wage. First established during the Great Depression, under the Roosevelt Administration, the federal minimum wage was designed to lift millions of American workers out of poverty. Unfortunately, it was has not developed to cope with today’s rising inflation and modern increasing standard of living cost. Since its inception , the nation wide minimum wages has risen from twenty-five cents to seven dollars and twenty-five cents per hour. Despite the increases, inflation has diminished its value returning held in 1968 . Today these would require an increase to nearly ten dollars per hour. As a result, over the past forty years, the purchasing power of the minimum wage has fallen sharply. A major consequence is that increasing numbers of workers and their families live in utter destitution. The annual salary of a full-time American worker employed is $15,080 less than the official federal government poverty level for a family of two. Desperate workers in low wage establishments, such as Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Jack in the Box, began taking matters into their own hands,. Over the past several months workers have begun staging strikes, demanding higher wages. This past year workers across the country staged walkouts at nearly 1,000 fast-food restaurants, convenient stores and malls in more than fifty cities, demanding fifteen dollars per hour. Minimum wage is the lowest wage that employers are allowed to pay, determined by contract or by law. The Department of Labor significant input to adjust these numbers, but it is ultimately Congress that sets the amount. Texas has the second highest population per state but is r...

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...o are often the only breadwinners in their families. Our country is in a stronger position when women are in a stronger economic position. We need to make that a reality. Consequently , raising the minimum wage would translate into billions of dollars of consumer spending into the American economy and unlike the vast government transfers and royalties to businesses, this would be to no lost to the American people in taxes, time , or labor . While it is almost impossible to completely satisfy all parties it is evident that changes in wages should be adjusted appropriately . Until that occurs, we will live with the shameful reminder that the richest nation on earth has millions of its hard working full-time employees earning poverty-level income while giant firms and corporations generate trillions of dollars in revenue all at the expense of the average Americans.

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