America Needs Gay and Lesbian Marriage

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Same-sex marriage--why is it even an issue ? To put it into perspective, 10% of the American population is homosexual, meaning this is not just a minor issue (Harbinger 681). Also, with our society making significant strides toward equality in recent decades both in gender and racial issues, one has to think about sexual equality. I will explain to the reader why we should legalize gay marriage, particularly in terms of justice and the benefits society reaps from same-sex marriage. Also, the ramifications of the legalization of gay marriage, both for gays and society, will be examined. Finally, I will refute arguments against same-sex marriage.

Society benefits by having fewer "closet gays." "Closet gays" are homosexuals who try to abide by society's standards, and marry a partner of the opposite sex (Harbinger 683). However, due to the different sexual orientations of the two partners, problems often occur, causing emotional harm to"closet gays," their partners, and their children (Harbinger 683). If gay marriage were legal, homosexuality would be legitimate. Thus, the number of "closet gays" would decrease, as acceptance of their sexual orientation increases. In short, society would be spared a lot of trouble--the breakup of a family or dissatisfaction with one's life, especially of the homosexual partner, as she or he tries to comply with society's standards.

Same-sex marriage is just in that it provides gay couples with the same rights as heterosexual couples. Only marriage binds a couple in the eyes of the law ("Let Them Wed" 13). It enables partners to make life-or-death decisions, gives them the right to inheritance, medical benefits, and jurisprudence, among others ("Let Them Wed" 13). As in heterosexual relationships, homosexual partners are the significant other of one another. Unlike heterosexual couples, however, they are denied the right to marriage and all the benefits that go with it.

Gay marriages also provide sufficient reasons for society to promote them. They at least fulfill two of the most important reasons for marriage: the domestication of men and the provision of a reliable care giver (Rauch 22).

Civilizing men is one of society's biggest problems (Rauch 22).
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