America Needs File Sharing

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America Needs File Sharing

A Farce on File Sharing

What you are about to read is a researched story about file sharing. Although some characters in this story are based on real life people, most are fabricated. My advice to the reader is to take your time reading my story and pay special attention to the characters so that you will not get lost. Enjoy the tale.

The day was hot and humid and for Los Anglos the sun shone somewhat brightly through the thick cloud of pollutants up above. In four corners of the city, four individuals began their daily morning routines. It was early, but already sweltering and as these four individuals began their days none knew that the road, which lay ahead of them, would lead them to the same destination. One issue would bring a celebrity, average working man, a journalist, and an eccentric fanatic all together.

" I said egg whites! Hello! Don't you know the difference between yolk and egg?!"

"I'm terribly sorry miss. Lets talk in terms of color. You want the yellow or the white part of the egg?"

"The yellow! Egg whites you imbecile!" As the waiter ran back to the kitchen, she turned to the man in Gucci sunglasses she said, "Uh! Good help is so hard to find. I mean what kind of moron doesn't know the difference between egg whites and the yolk?"

" Well I still say you're insane for hiring that new aerobics instructor, I mean the ass on Bradely! How could you give up such a find?" The man tossed his head in disgust and took a sip of his non-fat, easy on the foam, double shot cappuccino.

" I know Jonathon, but he was absolutely monstrous to my reputation as a serious runner. If I want to win the celebrity marathon, I'm gonna have to get my mile time down to at least ten minutes."

" But darling what if you start to sweat? How will you pose for those finishing pictures?"

" Don’t worry my publicist is working on a deal to do pictures after I towel off and freshen up. Oh damn, I've got to go! I'm supposed to meet Charlie to prep me for the press conference.