America Must Reduce Oil Imports

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The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 was a devastating day for America’s oil industry. Oil prices skyrocketed and fear was put in America. In his article “Take $10 off the Price of Oil,” Steve Hanke states that from 2001 to 2004 oil prices more than doubled reaching $55 per barrel due to Bush’s order for the government to purchase 700 million barrels of oil that caused prices to rise from storage cost. On top of this, oil prices were high to help preserve the oil supply because the nation was afraid oil imports from the Middle East would come to a halt. The September 11th tragedy was not the only time America suffered with high oil prices. In the 1970s some foreign countries stopped exporting oil, which made America fear an oil shortage if imports stopped. America was and remains too reliant on foreign countries for oil. If America were to suffer through another depression such as the Great Depression, then difficulty to make a descant living would be even more than after the September 11th tragedy.

The September 2001 terrorist attack happened over twelve years ago, and America is still suffering high oil prices. The nation should not still be suffering the consequences of something that happened over twelve years ago. America is paying too much for oil from foreign countries. This drives the gas and diesel prices up at the pump for the people. There are billions of gallons of oil in America’s ground. This does not include offshore oil. The nation could easily become self-reliant on oil. America should stop importing and using oil from foreign nations for the production of fuels in order to benefit American people.

America has many natural resources in the ground such as oil. Unfortunat...

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In this essay, the author

  • Argues that america needs to be more conservative with the oil supply. being self-reliant on oil would lower the gas and diesel prices for individuals and business owners.
  • Argues that the u.s. could be less conservative with oil by choosing to export oil to foreign countries.
  • Explains that high oil prices in the u.s. are affecting american families and small businesses. they rely on people on vacations to earn their living.
  • Opines that u.s. oil output will overtake saudi arabia's by 2020. treasury and risk nov.
  • Quotes zezima, katie, to urge the state to intervene in the case of truckers in maine, feeling high costs of diesel fuel.
  • Argues that america should stop importing and using oil from foreign countries for the production of fuels to benefit the american people.
  • Explains that if the u.s. stopped importing oil, the demand for oil would rise, and jobs would be created in the oilfield.
  • Explains crane, keith, and hanke, steve h. imported oil and u.s. national security.
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