America MUST Drill for Oil in The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

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America MUST Drill for Oil in The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

For a drug addict to quit a drug, the best solutions for the addict would be to slowly wean them self off the drug periodically. America can be viewed in a parallel way on its dependency for oil. America needs another source of oil to slowly lessen its overwhelming dependency on foreign oil and to help the process of finding another mass energy source. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge better known as the ANWR is a rich treasure of oil and gas that can help lessen Americas need for foreign resources. Drilling on the ANWR will not only help the American economy, but will also help aid America in the future.

Many ask “why do we need this oil in Alaska? Is it to make America a more dominant world power? Is it to increase pollution by getting more oil?” The answer is, no. America’s stance is conservation and alternative sources of energy, however, the US cannot switch to another energy resource over night. America needs another reserve to tap into to be removed from Middle Eastern dependency. The US needs something so that its foreign policy is not seized captive by its need for oil. As the US tries to develop new sources of energy the ANWR is a reserve that should be tapped into to help free up the oil dependency.

Drilling on the ANWR would significantly help the American economy as a whole. Opening up the ANWR would help diminish our binds to the Middle East and help our own economy by creating...
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