America: For the New Kid on the Block

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Have you ever stopped to think about how truly terrifying it would be to live somewhere that was completely different from what you have been accustomed to all your life? For some this task can and would be an exciting challenge to partake while for others, the thought of learning the different customs and languages of a different country could be very intimidating. This is especially true if you’re a newcomer to the United States of America, where there are a multitude of people with different background, beliefs and cultures. It is a fact that the United States is not the largest or even the richest countries on the planet; however, many American will argue with this simply because they believe America is the “bee’s knees”. Bee’s knees? Bees don’t have knees! What the heck does that mean? The meaning behind some American sayings and phrases will be addressed later in this paper. Nonetheless, the purpose of this document is to help any foreign national, better understand American cultures and co-cultures.
Beliefs, Attitudes and Values
To begin our journey on American culture let’s first focus on the beliefs and attitudes of this nation. American culture is widely regional. People who live in the northern half of the United States may have different beliefs from those who reside in the southern half. Nevertheless, there is a common belief amongst many Americans that there should be equal opportunity and the right of freedom for all. While those beliefs mentioned should be given freely to every person within this country, there are people who believe equal opportunity is unrealistic because of economic, racial, or gender statuses. A strong argument to this ideal is the attitude regarding immigration. According to Michael Sobczak,...

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...sture with their finger or hand to indicate, “come here”. It is common for Americans to touch each other with a pat on the back or shoulder to offer reassurance or sympathy. In the United States eye contact is one of the most crucial form of nonverbal communication. Maintaining eye contact when someone is talking or explaining something demonstrates that you are paying attention and respect what they have to say.
The United States of America is indeed a culturally rich nation. People from all different walks of life and backgrounds have come together to create a country that is a mosaic of diversity. The values, customs and language of the different co-cultures have enhanced the way we live out lives today. Regardless of your own personal beliefs or customs, in America you can find someone who accepts and understands because being an individual is important.

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