Amelia Earhart

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The spirit of a young girl who would not let anything stand in her way. What many would have considered wild behavior and even scandalous for the times turned out to be what was needed. She was different. She did step out of the norm. She did defy convention she showed the world that women are not hindered by their set. They could soar and then showed them how. Don’t let people push others around what can’t do Amelia Earhart changed the way females were looked at in aviation and accomplished much. Amelia Earhart in full Mary Earhart (born July 24, 1897 Atchison, kan ,u.s - disappeared July 3,1937 near Holland island, central pacific ocean.) American, aviator one of the worlds most celebrated, who was the first woman to fly alone over the Atlantic Ocean. She changed the world by letting people (women) know that it’s safe to fly in the sky or to fly solo. She changed the world because she wanted women to know they had the same rights as men. She was the first women to ride across the world. She inspired lots of men and women to take interest in flight. The fact that Amelia Earhart was...

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