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This investigate research paper will examine the factors that impact ethnically and racially diverse communities perceive the use of the health information exchanges and electronic health records and the barriers that impact usage. Healthcare organizations are now to using electronic data by developing and purchasing different financial information systems. The use of computers and information systems impacts all areas of healthcare now healthcare is being delivered more in ambulatory settings which require advance technology development. The purpose of this type of care is to render care to patients whom come to physicians’ for medical procedures, services, and test which are done on the patient without an overnight stay. Ambulatory services…show more content…
Ambulatory services have developed new diagnostic and treatment procedures surgeries are less invasive with shorter acting anesthetics have drastically dropped the recuperation time. Now some office based physician have expanded their ability to do ambulatory diagnostic, treatment and surgical services. The cost of getting this type of technology has become more feasible and cost effective. Prior authorization policies for inpatient admission and close monitoring during hospitalization stays have discourage lengthy hospital stays. Due to the growth of managed care and consolidation of large hospital-centered institutions, physicians have lost control over the delivery of medical care. Now more physicians are starting specialized ambulatory care centers and they are able to perform more procedures in less time while earning higher incomes. Many of the Ambulatory clinics are in the suburbs because patient tends to like the at home feeling. They dislike the feeling of being institutionalized and prefer to stay in their own…show more content…
There are many benefits to using Ambulatory services because they generally cost less. At first the health insurance coverage for these types of services was limited. This changed in the mid – 1980’s when Medicare substituted a prospective payment system for the cost plus system to reimburse inpatient hospital services. This system was based on diagnosis-related groups that provide fixed case based payments to hospitals. The Ambulatory sector was unlimited therefore hospitals began to shorten inpatient stays to provide Ambulatory treatment. In 2000, Medicare implemented a reimbursement for Ambulatory services called Ambulatory Prospective Payment System for hospital Ambulatory departments and home health resource groups for home health car. This to health with cost containment and stress, lower inpatient use. Ambulatory services are offered in many different facilities. Most are attached to hospitals or other medical facilities. They range from different surgery centers, lab centers, and physical therapy centers. There are also specialized centers such as orthopedics, chemotherapy, Ambulatory surgery, renal dialysis, and cardiology. A few examples of these services is mental health counseling and weight loss centers for wellness and prevention services. As well lab centers such as LabCorp, which perform laboratory test ordered by physicians. Physical therapy and drug

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