Ambition And Ambition In Macbeth

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As explained by Marques, “The greatest evil which fortune can inflict on men to endow them with small talents and great ambition” (Marques). Ambition can be infinite. Ranging with the combination of good qualities and bad qualities. The distinction between having too much ambition and having too little all depends upon the person and is misconstrued depending on this person’s morality. It is healthy to have ambition and pushing oneself to be the best. But in the case of Macbeth, he has too much ambition and is unable to control it. When Banquo and Macbeth stumble upon the witches, Macbeth takes to prophecy to heart, while Banquo ignores it. This only increases Macbeth’s need for power, therefore his ambition. On the other hand, for Lady Macbeth,…show more content…
She is very headstrong, someone who always knows what she wants and there are many reasons behind her ambition. For one according to Fidnley, “Lady Macbeth pours her spirits into Macbeth’s ear….” (Findley). Lady Macbeth, is willing to redeem herself in any way possible after failing to do one job, give birth to a boy, to make herself feel worth it. She gains this upper hand by manipulating Macbeth, becoming the puppet master while Macbeth is the puppet. The determined Lady Macbeth explains to Macbeth that their plan to kill the king, will not fail and her advice to Macbeth involves him to forget his pessimism and fight (62). This is a prime example of her determination to win no matter the cost. She is this way because there were many gender restrictions during the time, she wants to become a man, or someone without those female emotions that plague her and stops her from becoming the person she is eager to become. When this plan became successful, it makes up all for all of her failure from the past. After the death of Duncan, Macbeth was filled with disbelief in his actions Lady Macbeth suggested, “A little water cleans up this deed” (84). Lady Macbeth’s lack of moral conscience is clearly evident. Her blind ambition to prove herself capable, makes her ignore the fact that what she did could never be undone. Underneath all of that arrogance, masked by her determination, she understands that she will never be…show more content…
The reason why it is so tragic all relies on the fact that ambition took ordinary people and changed them into murderous machines without reason. Similarly, today the ambition that people feel in their hearts, that unrecognizable passion unconsciously forces people to always want more. Like for example, a cheater is willing to do whatever it takes for them to get on top. MacBeth was never satisfied with what he already had, neither was Lady MacBeth. Their actions lead to a domino effect of destruction, because is not only affected their mental health but affected other people’s lives as well. To add to their already evident ambition corrupting each other, the supernatural occurrences was a sign of insanity, or a sign of their uncontrollable ambition exploring the possibilities for more. Thus, pushing them to go beyond their limits of sanity, blindsiding them with greed. It is wrong on so many levels, because both sacrificed others for their own sake in order to feel more complete with themselves. But at the rate they were going, and with their last dying breath, there is no possibly way for them to ever gain, because what they wanted was so vast and practically impossible to
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