Ambition And Ambition Essay

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Ambition and sacrifice are the keys to any successful enterprise, kingdom, or leadership. These two concepts come up throughout history. People who believed in Social Darwinism interpreted it as “survival of the fittest”. Economists and capitalists interpreted it as “you have to spend money to make money”. However way one interpreted it, all successful leaders had some form of ambition, and countless sacrifices. Whether or not these sacrifices can be deemed as for the people, is a different story. In the early 1900’s, China was in dire need for a successful leader, and significant changes in order to progress. The dynastic system had come to an end, and it was time for a new group to rise into leadership. This led to an infamous rivalry between the Nationalist and Communist parties.…show more content…
Eventually, in 1949, after a grueling civil war, the Communists took the leadership of China, starting the new era of “the People’s Republic of China”. Mao led the PRC with ambition, and made many sacrifices, both himself and as a nation. Although Mao’s ambition and sacrifices did lead to the better China that is known today, there are many that question the necessity of the harsh choices he made during his rule over the PRC. One can even question the morality of the decisions made by Mao, both direct and indirect for his nation. During the “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” of China, countless Chinese bourgeoisie were persecuted with almost no logical reason. His powerful and stern leadership turned into an iron fist. Mao in the long run did improve China, but many of his actions were unnecessary and actually hindered the progress of his
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