Amber Siroin: I Want To Be A Flight Nurse

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Some people in this world still have not figured out where their journey begins. Others are grasping where to start. But for myself, I know my past, present and future. I understand who I am and what I am capable of doing. I am Amber Siroin. I am a young adult, 21 years old to be exact. I am a strong independent woman who will not take no for an answer. If there is a will there is a way. I will complete any given task that has been gave to me. I tend to play a masculine role in our society. I am a hard working American with a plan. I work long nights in the medical field and study all day to step up in the medical profession. I will be that individual who makes a different in our society. I will be saving lives and calling the shots. I want to be a Flight Nurse. People that are not around here tend to call me a southern bell, but I am just embracing my rural Appalachian culture. From a standpoint view everyone 's individual interpretation of self is unique,…show more content…
I am an individualism, it is all about me. Every man for himself in this cut throat world. I am Low context, I will tell you how it is. I am not afraid to speak what is on my mind or how that may effect me. I will not question my power because I know I was born with my natural rights. I will fight for more power and a successful future. I have more masculinity roles than femininity at this moment in my life. But it is all about me right now. I have no family or children that needs to be taken care of, I am a single independent woman that still knows how to be a feminist. I believe that hard work will allow you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You will not be handed anything in life. If you want something you better go chase it. I am normative. Honesty and trust goes a long way in today’s society. You cannot build any kind of relationship with broken promises and lies. I am the all American
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