Amazon's Respect for the Value Chain

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Value Chain Analysis Technology has played a huge role in how companies today conduct business with their consumers. Over the past few decades there has been a shift in business models and strategies because of the emerging innovation in technology. One of these innovation are e-commerce, businesses that use e-commerce can now see a major difference in sales and revenue. Amazon has taken the idea of e-commerce and turned it into a successful and profitable business. Amazon Company developed a brilliant strategy for emerging into an already competitive market. This entails the revision of an existing concept. Unlike major companies like Apple, Microsoft that invented new products and services, Amazon did not need to create a whole new product but to create a better business model system that can be used in the future. This helped their rise to fame by taking over an existing idea but improving it to match consumer needs and wants. Overall companies will need to develop better business strategies to be able to evolve into e-commerce industry moving forward. The best companies embrace change and make plans to create a future for their business like Amazon did. Amazon did not have to wait very long for their strategy to take affect because that the way that the future of business was going. All they did was waiting until the demand flourished and took over the book giant’s like Barnes and Noble and Borders market share. This proves that Amazon did their research and plan accordable so that their demand matches their supply. This also shows the type of value chain process and evaluation that they did in order to continue to conduct business which is quite genius. Their demand has increasable giving them many opportunities to expand. ... ... middle of paper ... ...o come in and take over a huge part of that market and keeping that position. Conclusion To recap it all, we can clearly see that Amazon has respected their value chain and by doing so created a means of delivering time after time. Demand chain and supply chain relates to how a company can gain maintain and understand how to keep their competitive advantage for a specific period in time. We have learned that amazon has brilliantly placed themselves in a position that would anchor their consumer’s future buying decisions. With the proper information, correct management and direction and support companies should follow the way this company has set themselves up to become pioneers in the e-commerce business. This inspirational company took a strategic idea and waited for the best time to act and therefore created a lasting memory on the e-commerce business industry.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that amazon's demand chain is a series of events that lead to completing customer satisfaction or customer delight.
  • Explains that is an e-commerce site that offers its customers a wide variety of products and services, including accessories, shoes, health and beauty products, and electronics.
  • Explains that has been able to offer consumers a wide variety of different products. this has created an advantage over traditional retailers due to limited warehouse and shelving space.
  • Explains that the company has made its objective to keep the focus on how to enhance and utilize innovation and creativity to increase the value of consumers.
  • Analyzes how the amazon company has a strong focus on their supply chain and how it operates, which translate into more focused marketing plans. they have made major steps in the book industry.
  • Explains that having a competitive advantage means that you have met an unmet standard that hasn't been met by any other competitor.
  • Explains that customer delight is important to amazon because it is the backbone of the business.
  • Explains that amazon has respected their value chain and created a means of delivering time after time.
  • Explains that technology has played a huge role in how companies conduct business with their consumers. amazon took the idea of e-commerce and turned it into an already competitive market.
  • Explains how amazon's easy-to-use site and selection process has helped them become a favorite among consumers. technology in its self and information technology is big part of the company value drivers.
  • Analyzes how caters to a large amount of customer's needs based on the growing needs of their consumers. the overall shopping experience that they provide their customers becomes the main objective.
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