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The objective of this case study is to outline and provide a brief overview of’s (Amazon) mission, strategic direction, core competencies, relied technologies and their future impact of new technologies, and how management and use of consumer data will impact future business.

In addition, we have analyzed Amazon’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a SWOT analysis. Based on this analysis, and research, we have recommend a course of action as to how Amazon should respond to their weaknesses and threats and how best to leverage strengths to take advantage of available opportunities.

Amazon’s Mission and Strategic Direction, Inc. is an internet retailer headquartered in Seattle, Washington founded by CEO Jeff Bezos. Their mission and strategy is quite simply “to offer Earth’s Biggest Selection and to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they may want to buy online and [we] endeavor to offer our customers the lowest possible price.”1 And, if they can’t help they will point the customer to a site that can.

The company accomplishes this by operating six global internet sites:,,,, and Through their zShops, auctions, affiliate program, Merchants@ and Amazon Marketplace programs, Amazon, and their sellers and partners, offer new and used collectibles and products in categories such as apparel and accessories, DVDs, electronics, computers, books, music, videos, cell phones, tools and hardware, the list is almost endless. In order to maintain quality, the company packages and ships all of its merchandise. They also continue to negotiate volume deals with suppliers to meet their goal of lowering prices.

Additionally, Amazon has formed partnerships and alliances with publishers, other on-line retailers, technology providers, either handling their web site operations or linking brick-and-mortar entities to its virtual storefront. As part of their diversification strategy, Amazon recently acquired Internet Movie Database (IMDb), which is an authoritative source of information on movie and entertainment. This acquisition is one of many Amazon is making expand its product and service offerings. The company is also preparing to sell internet domain names and already ...

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...omers. Possible future partnerships could involve companies like AT&T who is currently developing a “web cents” card for online shopping. This partnership could also lead to technology developments which Amazon already uses to leverage its position. All in all Amazon should do well if it continues to stay true to its mission – the customer.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that amazon's core competencies are in its ability to effectively use and develop technology to drive site traffic and enhance the customer experience.
  • Explains that amazon's data warehouse contains information on people who shop at and its sister and affiliate sites and is driven on internally developed software.
  • Recommends amazon improve its responsiveness, features, and functionality of their website to maintain its competitive edge.
  • Describes's investor relations, privacy notice, and web services.
  • Explains that the purpose of this case study is to outline and provide a brief overview of’s mission, strategic direction, core competencies, relied technologies and their future impact of new technologies.
  • Describes as an internet retailer headquartered in seattle, washington founded by ceo jeff bezos.
  • Explains that amazon's competitiveness lies in its proprietary technology, which is licensed to companies like target to run their e-commerce site.
  • Explains amazon's proprietary technology transforms the online shopping experience into the easiest and most enjoyable experience online. the site conveys to the customers they can have it their way, all day.
  • Analyzes international issues such as export and import restrictions, tariffs and other trade barriers, fluctuations in currency rates, political instability, longer payment cycles, adverse tax consequences, seasonal reductions of business activity, and difficulties in staffing and managing foreign operations.
  • Cites dignan, larry,, "amazon’s ceo letters," and karen j.
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