Amazon and Ebay: The New Face of Web Services

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Amazon and Ebay: The New Face of Web Services


1. What are the purpose and business value of Web services?

The principal purpose of Web service is create the exchange of data between business (for example e-commerce or e-business) in real time via Internet, and this way a business might share with its costumers, suppliers, and other business partners all the necessary information.

As a result, the use of Web serving by any organization, which wants grow up and support a place in the market, is the best tool. This is because the increasing and development of the technology and communication (or by the globalization's growth) the use of the Web to make business is increasing too. Thus, when any organization applies de use of Web service, automatically their business value augment, because now, all the benefits that brings work on line they are going to help to the company in its growth.

Some of those benefits that increase the business value are:

• A better, easy and efficient e-business or e-commerce application.

• Coping with the fast-changing relationships between a company and its business partners.

•To go in the global market.

• Innovate the way of make business.

2. What are the benefits of Web services to Amazon, eBay, and their developer partners?

There are a lot of benefits, some of them are the following:

•It allows an explosive business growth

•A person will easily integrate its software with other pieces of software.

•It is an easily option for commerce, because you can run on all kinds of machines, either within your enterprise or at external sites.

•It allows tighter business relationships between enterprises and more efficient business processes.

•Give users the ability to act on information any time, any place, and from any smart device.

•Customers, sellers and buyers can request and get information in real time.

•All suppliers will use the same language to describe their offerings.

•Web services help these companies to expand their market reach.

•The software model that they are using works with popular developer tool.

Also it is an excellent tool for reducing costs.

3. What are the business challenges of Web services?

Web Services are transforming and simplifying the way the enterprise thinks about integrating applications, information and business processes. They represent a new way to link systems together and automate business processes, eliminating much of the complexity and expense associated with traditional enterprise integration technologies. More importantly, Web services will be a catalyst for Service Oriented Architectures, enabling the real time enterprise by accelerating the flow of information and decisions across the organization.
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