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Amazon, Inc. (, incorporated on May 28, 1996, serves consumers through its retail websites and focus on variety, price, and accessibility. The Company bids plans that enables sellers to sell their products on its Websites and their own branded Websites and to accomplish orders through them, and programs that allow authors, musicians, filmmakers, application creators, and others to publish and sell content. The Company operates in two segments: North America and International. The Company schemes its Websites to allow millions of products to be sold by the Company and by third parties across masses of product categories. Customers access its Websites directly and through its mobile Websites and apps. It also manufactures and vends Kindle devices. In May 2012, the Company attained Kiva Systems, Inc. (Kiva). In October 2013, Inc acquired TenMarks Education Inc. Effective February 5, 2014, Inc acquired Double Helix Games LLC.
The Company offers its customers the lowest prices probable through low everyday product pricing and shipping offers, including through membership in Amazon Prime, and to improve its operating productivities so that it can continue to lower prices for its customers. The Company also provides easy-to-use functionality, fast and dependable fulfillment, and timely customer service. It offers programs that allow sellers to sell their products on its websites and their own branded websites and to realize orders through them.
The Company serves creators and enterprises of all sizes through Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides entree to technology infrastructure that enables almost any type of business. The Company serves serve authors and independent publ...

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...sedly if these both don’t offer customers expectations then these both will be out of the battle, when compared to other online retailers who offer customers expectations fully. Furthermore, to win over the dominance battle, frequent sales and promotions are also a key factor that should be offered and can have a big impact on shoppers purchasing decisions, for instance it can influence them to purchase items not on their shopping list, causing the retailer to dominate in the dominance battle.
Finally, along with offering such values and customers perceived expectation, if Amazon and Walmart come up with premium cards that offer more offerings like further reductions, free delivery and bonus point, upon which free shopping is offered, than the one who offer better or more offers from among Amazon or Walmart will be at higher chances to win the battle for dominance.

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