Amazon Business Analysis: Mission And Mission Of Amazon

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AMAZON.COM, INC. Mission and Vision Statement Amazon was originally known for selling books and later, CD, DVDs and electronic books (Kindle). Today, Amazon sells various products from clothing, school supplies, automotive supplies, beauty supplies, household products and more. The mission statement proclaim Amazon’s goal is to be customer centric and providing products that are needed based on the buying trends of the customers: “Our vision is to be earth 's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” According to Amazon’s Financial and Strategic Analysis Review “All these features enhance the online shopping experience of its customers, resulting in…show more content…
In addition to being customer centric, Amazon claims to hold a “high hiring bar”. Customer service for Amazon and be done via the website on the “Contact Us” page, sending an email, calling the Customer Service number or online Chat. According to Amazon’s webpage, they have been ranked “#1 Customer Service” by ForSee Experience Index: US Retail Edition for 9 consecutive years up to 2013. A personal experience with Amazon customer service, after receiving an email notification that the order was shipped and delivered, no box was found. However, since this was not the first time receiving an email before the box, I waited another day. When no delivery, I sent an email to request a replacement, only to receive an email that the order could not be processed and to call customer service. The representative was polite, professional and generally concern with having the gift for a friend’s birthday. With a few more verification of my information, and asked if I was willing to wait a few more days for an investigation with the delivery company, which I agreed. When the investigation was conducted, customer service returned my call and stated that they were unable to find the product on the truck, proof of delivery and another product was shipped out, without any additional charges. Amazon did demonstrate the “customer is always right” model when asking to…show more content…
One way that have attempted to this is through television advertising. In addition, they offer Prime Membership where they offer same day, next day or two day deliveries to pull in potential customers. The Marketing Mix Amazon is an ecommerce marketing company and they use the traditional 4 Ps. The marketing mix of Amazon is selling to customer via the internet and allowing customers to make purchases via mobile phones, tablets and on Amazon’s Kindle product and has customer based in many countries. These products include books, eBooks, beauty and hygiene products, to fitness equipment to furniture. In addition, Amazon provides non-perishable food, with a development of providing a way of shipping perishables (prime members). • Product – books, CD, DVD, supplies, furniture, food and other items. • Place- Amazon’s customers are via the internet and in live in many countries. • Promotion – Amazon advertises mostly on the internet, some television commercials and primarily relies on “word of mouth” advertising. However, according to Bhasin, “much more is needed in the promotions department from Amazon in India because the traffic of Amazon is being taken over fast by FlipKart -popular website in India. (Bhasin,

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