Amazing Reasons to Move to Tokyo

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Tokyo is one of the most over populated cities in Japan and it has a population of 13.23 million people. People from different parts of the world choose to live in Tokyo because of the many ways it has attracted the world, since it is such a large city with beautiful sightseeings and an enjoyable atmosphere. The overpopulation in Tokyo is what causes it to be a megacity. With all the job opportunities, education, entertainment and good living conditions, this attracts people to move into the city which then causes the overpopulation of the city itself to rise up the charts, and considering recent research, it has been seen that Tokyo is on the top list of megacities as the highest populated city in Asia. This essay will be focused on how the 4 main factors, job opportunities, education, entertainment and living conditions affect the population of a city which in my case is Tokyo.

There are around 5.9 million people employed in Tokyo which is 9.5% of Japan's total workforce. Worldwide, Japan is known for owning plenty of unique characteristics of work culture that puts everyone in awe of their work and creation, this is a proven fact as nowadays we see that almost everything is “Made in Japan” on every product that is available in all kinds of uses, kitchen appliances, technology, furniture, etc. Tokyo has proved itself of being capable with so many abilities to create unlimited amount of products that are useful in everyday life. Tokyo is one of a successful and richest city and it is one of the reasons why people move there to start their own business and development, knowing through the previous success in the city there is a huge possibility that the migrated ones can also be successful in this megacity.

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As you can now see, Tokyo is one of the worlds most popular and successful cities of the world today. It is the place people most often go to start businesses, get jobs, or overall make a living. Its source of entertainment also has much to do with what has impacted on the cities growth in population over the past years. Its global reputation of having a massive education system is also very persuading to people all over the world. People who have a great interest and privilege of living a very luxurious lifestyle are usually attracted to Tokyo. All these facilities and opportunities are very influencing on the people of the global regions in our modern time. Tokyo is one of the most successful cities of the world and probably wouldn’t even be close to what it is today without its massive, helpful. and impactful citizens today.
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