Amanda Lane Case Study

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Administrative Interview of Amanda Lane Amanda Lane served as the high school and middle school principal for many years. This school year, CCS has hired one more principal, and Amanda decided to lead the middle school only. As the school grew rapidly in the last two years, the two main objectives Mrs. Lane would like to reevaluate this academic year are school safety and community relations. School Safety The developed guidelines and procedures for dealing with existing and potential incidents at CCS are defined in their Emergency Operation’s Plan (EOP). Mrs. Lane explained that the basic plans, as well as the functional and hazard-specific annexes outline an organized, systematic method to mitigate, prevent, protect against, respond to,…show more content…
According to Mrs. Lane, the key to any powerful partnership is effective communication, and therefore, she would like to see a larger variety of communication tools being implemented at CCS. • Parenting - encourage and support responsible parenting. Amanda has observed that often times, there are parents in all socio-economic classes who do not fully understand or know the importance of promoting and implementing the idea of a healthy body, mind, and spirit. The principal mentions the technological distractions of the modern world, and the fact that parents need to know how to create conditions that encourage learning at home, and understand their role in establishing their children’s boundaries, rules, and…show more content…
Mrs. Lane believes that by including the student families in the school’s decision-making process, a strong connection can be built within the school-family-student relationship, thus ensuring the students’ emotional, academic, and physical development. Mrs. Lane mentions that CCS has not paid a particular attention to the evaluation of the family engagement activities in the past. Amanda’s goal is to evaluate the strategies used to engage the school’s community at the end of the academic year, as she believes that evaluation is an important procedure for any program that is seeking to improve or assess its program strategies (A. Lane, personal communication, October 18,

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