Amanda Chapman's Article: The Causes Of Discrimination Against Women In Society

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During the last decade discrimination against women has raised a lot. Even with the billions of dollars spent on advertisement in gender’s equality, people still think that one gender is better than the other. We are in an era which society is developing extremely fast, scientists are discovering the cure for many diseases but at the same time we are moving backwards when we think about discrimination against women. The discrimination against a gender is called sexism and it happens basically in every place in the world. Women are oppressed every day, most of them are scared of walking on the streets alone, and they are also scared of wearing a shorter skirt because they know someone might offend them. These are the roots of a much bigger…show more content…
On Chapman’s article, she states that “females receive less attention from teachers than boys and also the attention they receive is often more negative than the attention received by boys” (Chapman). One more thing which is completely unbelievable is that teachers don’t do anything to change this scenario. Of course they realize what is happening but they just act like if it is normal. This situation happens pretty often and in every place in the world, so there is no excuse for accepting this oppression. If this situation happened occasionally it would be more understandable to think that the professors don’t see things as clear as Tannen and Chapman do. However, as it happens in every school in all around the world and it is expressed in many different forms: Girls participating less in the classroom, being uninterested, skipping classes and failing in the exams. Professors definitely notice it and they accept it like if it is a routine situation. They see it as it is already inserted in our society and that every person is part of…show more content…
Tannen believes girls are treated worse than boys and in a lot of times it reflects in their grades. She shows it by using statistics that demonstrate the participation of boys are higher than girls in a 50-minute lecture. In Chapman’s article, she states that girls receive less attention in the classroom and that this attention they receive is often more negative than attention received by boys. She also mentions that teachers see it already as a part of their routines. On the other hand, Mead’s article shows that as the majority of professor are women and they are responsible for creating the curricular content and the structure of the school days’ boys suffer from its disadvantages. Based on the statistics from US News, boys are worse students than girls in almost every aspect but they have been improving more than girls in the last decade. Are they going to catch up girls or are the girls going to catch up them? I mean, who is actually oppressed? The girls who receives less attention, who participates less in the classroom, who are discriminated since the last century or the boys who are responsible for most of the drop outs in schools, who are also responsible for 90% of the incidents related to alcohol and

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