Alzheimer's Disease Essay

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One of the most common signs of Alzheimer’s disease is when an individual is unable to remember things that he or she has newly learned. Another common sign of the disease is feeling disoriented. If an older relative is exhibiting these, he is most likely developing, or has already developed, Alzheimer’s disease. Another way to determine if he has Alzheimer’s disease and not another disease is if he is experiencing multiple and various mental deficits. These deficits are chronic and if the older relative is experiencing more than one mental deficit, then he is suffering from Alzheimer’s diease. If the signs and symptoms, such as memory loss and feeling disoriented lasts for a long time, this is way to rule out other diseases. Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by long-lasting cognitive deficiencies in an individual. The disease is partly genetic, therefore a way to determine if an older relative has Alzheimer’s would look to see if anyone in his family has had the disease. If so, this would be another way to rule out any other diseases or problems.

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