Alzheimer's Disease Essay

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There are many diseases that occur in the life span of human being. Some of these diseases a human is born with whereas others are developed as that human ages. A human is weakest and most prone to diseases as they are in their old age (aside from outstanding circumstances). A disease that is only found in the elderly is a disease called Alzheimer's disease. It is a very serious disease that has many effects and requires specific medical care. The disease does not yet have a viable cure, but there are methods to help those with the ailment on top of those who are searching for a cure to this disease. Alzheimer's currently effects 5.4 million people, of the age of 65 or older, in America alone. This means that an astounding 1/8 percent of America’s elderly population is effected by this disease. It is estimated that in a mere 36 years the amount of people effected from this disease will increase from 13 to somewhere between 24 through 29 percent. In 2006 a survey was held by The Center of Disease Control and Prevention to see how many people died of Alzheimer's that year, it was tallied that 72914 people passed away that year from this disease. It is also noted that many of those who have Alzheimer's disease most likely have a plethora of other life threatening diseases (most notably heart and respiratory problems). This knowledge made those who held the survey believe that many doctors marked the cause of death for those who had Alzheimer's as something other than the disease. Two years later Alzheimer's was dubbed as the disease with the sixth highest mortality rate in the United States of America. (Turkington “Alzheimer's Disease”). Alzheimer's is the most common of 70 forms of dementia. Dementia is defined as a brain disorde... ... middle of paper ... acetylcholine to counteract the amount that is lost from Alzheimer's. (Turkington “Alzheimer's Disease”). Alzheimer's is progressive disease that cripples a person more and more as time passes. This is a disease with one of the top morality rates in the United States of America. It is an especially terrible disease because of the way it takes a person and how it impacts not only their ability to live, but how it torments the victim’s family and friends. The advancements in ways to aid Alzheimer's Disease have come a long way in the past 20 years, but the disease still has no cure and slowly destroys its victim. With recent discoveries there is hope that maybe one day scientists will further their knowledge of the disease to which point they can cure it, at the same time Alzheimer's may never be curable and left to torment all of it takes under its curse.

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