Alzheimer's Disease Essay

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In the modern age scientists and researchers are constantly discovering new diseases and disorders that affect the human body. With technology improving and new equipment being introduced it enables scientists to gain more knowledge about the disorders than ever before. During the last century a German physician by the name of Alois Alzheimer linked a patient’s memory loss to her brain autopsy which displayed signs of brain shrinkage. His discovery is now known today as Alzheimer’s disease; which is a form of dementia and is a psychological disease that causes the brain to deteriorate. In today’s day and age, there are still many unanswered questions about Alzheimer’s disease (Crider, A., Goethals, G., Kavanough, R., & Solomon, P. 1989). A few known facts are that Alzheimer’s disease is it is most commonly found in elderly humans, with majority of carriers being age 60 or older. It is important to note that Alzheimer’s disease is not an old person’s disease and that it can also be found in adults of younger ages. Furthermore, there are two forms of Alzheimer’s disease. The two forms are called Early-onset which is found in adults ages 30-59 and Late-Onset which is more common and occurs in adults ages 60 and up. Alzheimer’s disease may not be curable, however with the right information it can be easy to conquer (Alzheimer and Dementia Resources).
Alzheimer’s Progression:
Additionally to the facts about Alzheimer’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease is not only one process; there are three stages of Alzheimer’s disease: mild, moderate and severe. In the mild stage, sufferers usually experience: short term memory loss, have small moods changes, get lost and slowly lose the ability to do tasks. Also, changes in the brain may begin almost 2...

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...mality in the brain and Insulin resistance which affects how brains cells process insulin within the brain. For now, the ways of explaining a global problem are unsolved, but it is easy to say with confidence that science is getting closer every day to answering these issues (Alzheimer's Drug Treatment Horizon).
In conclusion, even though patients with Alzheimer’s disease live through a daily struggle, it can be managed if certain precautions are taken. Learning to cope with having Alzheimer’s and taking care of another with Alzheimer’s is very important for recovery and preserving the mental state of a possessor. Within the near future, finding a cure and other treatments will soon be possible. Lastly, although there is no current cure for this disease, by becoming educated it can be conquered in order for a patient to live to their fullest potential.
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