Always Knock on Wood

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Superstitions are a fascinating and thrilling part of life. Various people believe that superstitions are ignorant and foolish, but my family knows for a fact that they are genuine beliefs. How do we know this? My family, the Winchester’s, and myself, Alice, have recently endured countless hardships that were caused by the simple mistake of not knocking on wood when bad luck was looming in the air.

It was a chilly Friday afternoon when our once perfect life in Kansas came crashing down to the ground. In our twenty-five million dollar mansion lived my mother, Ethel, and my sister, Meredith. Following the birth of my sister, Meredith, my father was shortly killed in a horrific accident. I faintly remember the chaos of grief and funeral services, but all I could focus on was how unlucky the car accident really was. Although my father was remembered for his outstanding service in the military, everyone in the town thought he was a magnificent fortuneteller who had the rare abilities to predict the future. Warning the local children about the Devil, he told us a secret in order to be able to protect ourselves from the temptations of the Devil. My father would always say, “In order to ward off the Devil, one will need to knock on a piece of wood when they sense or smell evil coming.” Scoffing at what they thought to be a ridiculous idea, my father decided to go on a long drive to release an enormous amount of negativity that was encompassing his once positive mind. Before he started the car, I ran to the blue chevron and asked him, “Daddy, why are you not knocking on wood before you leave?” My Daddy responded, “Honey, objects and people are highly capable of shattering your hopes and dreams in an instant. Sadly the local children hav...

... middle of paper ... adopted me. I was overjoyed by the recent news and realized that by knocking on wood, my luck has changed for the better. Meeting my brand new family for the first time was without a doubt a fascinating experience. I was welcomed with a lavish party with gorgeous decorations and an abundance of food. My new family extremely loved and surrounded and spoiled me with their compassionate hearts and their brilliant minds. Although I missed my original family, I was exceedingly fortunate to be able to be a new member of my adoptive parent’s humungous family. From this day to my death, I vow to always carry a piece of wood in my purse to always knock on it when I sense evil. I desire to have an abundance of luck when I grow older and I do not want my future spouse or children to suffer from my personal bad luck as I did when my father refused to knock on wood.


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