Alumina Incorporation

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Alumina Incorporation "The Constitution contains four concepts or clauses that are of great significance to the regulatory environment of business. They are the separation of powers concept, the supremacy clause, the contract clause, and the commerce clause," (Reed & et al, 2005, chap 6). These concepts or clauses help the government regulate how companies run their business for the good of the people. The administrative agencies of the government set and control the regulatory laws. They are the rulemakers, enforcer and adjudicator of government regulations. The Alumina Incorporation was fined by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for breaking a regulatory law. "One of the first steps taken at the federal level in response to concerns about the environment was the establishment of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970," (Reed & et al, 2005, chap 17). The public demanded cleaner water, air and land. The agency helped establish guidelines and laws protecting the environment for the public. Because of Alumina violation, a child may be seriously ill. Alumina need to address this issue carefully in order to prevent further claims or damage to company. First, looking at the Alumina situation as it is stand in the stimulation. Situation Background Alumina is 4-billion dollar company based in the U.S. The makers of alumni operate in 8 countries and 70% of sale in the U.S. Alumina has business interests in automotive components and manufacture of packaging material, bauxite mining, etc. Reside in the state of Erehwon on the Lake Dira which is under the jurisdiction of EPA Region 6. Along with four other states and some tribal lands, The Water Quality Protection Division of EPA Region 6 focuses on protecting and preserving the aquatic ecosystems and water resources in those areas. Five years ago, during a routine inspection by the EPA, Alumina violated the environmental discharge norms. Their first violations with the EPA and only violations thus far. The EPA establishes the water quality standards and keeps an eye on the states and water suppliers. The EPA responsibility is to protect the public from contaminated waters produce by businesses’ water waste. A local new reporter has written an article in the local papers alleging that Alumina is polluting the water supply and making people sick. This information came from a Ms Kelly Bates whose daughter is seriously ill with leukemia.
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