Altruism vs Seclusion, a Sociological Approach to the Psychology of Interaction

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Summary Has America lost its basic neighborly interaction or has the populace become secluded? Basic neighborly interaction stems from altruistic behavior. The interaction refers to positive sociological reactions to an individual, or a group, and positive psychological responses towards the outsider, in other words, it's considered to be positive interaction with and kindness towards strangers. Looking at the psychology of a situation while simultaneously considering the sociological implications is important because these two ideas are intertwined and both affect the human psyche. This interaction will be broken down into two measurable terms, average interaction and body language. The average frequency of basic neighborly interaction in America will be compared against the primary observational research which focuses on basic interaction between strangers. The analyzed secondary data will provide a baseline and structure for the primary research, it will also provided an outside perspective of the he terms that makes up the primary question. The outside perspective can influence Americans’ view of their own basic neighborly interaction, skewing the end results. When these different approaches are brought together they offer a clear picture of how the observed group measures against the average American. These results can be used to determine what impact the current college age, future workforce, will have on the American baseline. Introduction The concept being looked at is basic neighborly interaction in America. This idea refers to the different sociological and psychological responses and behavior from an individual, or a group, towards an outsider. Neighborly interaction looks at the psychological and sociological respons... ... middle of paper ... ...borly interaction The varying viewpoints offered structure and clarification for the primary research and its data. In order to fully answer the proposed question, in regards to the research population, the three perspectives conjoined to provide a more comprehensive and narrow scope in order to analyze the primary data more thoroughly. This analysis is only applicable to the college age of Albuquerque. In order to further this, more observations must be taken in other major locations around the US. The same, or similar, structure for the primary research should be used in future research in order to compare future data with the data I collected. The data will take time to compile, and the analysis would take more time, but I believe understanding how these interactions impact the general population could help governments improve the quality of life, in some aspect.

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