Altruism : Society Campaign On Domestic Violence

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Altruism in Society Campaign on Domestic Violence Intro In the following campaign domestic violence is defined to clarify the term for anyone who is unsure of the definition. The nature and history of domestic violence are discussed. Then the impact domestic violence has on society is examined. Elements of persuasion are utilized with a justification that connects the elements to various motivations of altruistic behavior as identified by in the social exchange theory. The campaign concludes with a strategy for intervention and prevention. Nature and History – Venita Anderson Domestic violence may be defined as abusive acts behaviors that are inflicted upon an unwilling person by someone the victim knows intimately in an attempt to control the victim. Age, sex, financial status, religion, or ethnicity does not matter when it comes to domestic violence as victims and perpetrators come from all walks of life. Domestic violence encompasses a wide array of actions and behaviors that are considered abusive. Types of actions or behaviors associated with domestic violence can include emotional, physical, psychological, sexual, and verbal abuse (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2003). “Economic coercion and entitlement behaviors” can also be considered forms of domestic abuse, according to Child Welfare Information Gateway (2003, p. 22). Abusers may use behaviors that are only considered abusive when employed in abusive and controlling behavior patterns (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2003). “The roots of domestic violence can be attributed to a variety of cultural, social, economic, and psychological factors” (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2003, p. 23). Abusers can learn behaviors that can be interpreted as abusive... ... middle of paper ... ...a crisis response team which included; a police officer and a social worker. Their job was to respond to dispatched homes where a recent event of domestic violence occurred to do follow ups with the victim. The visits occur within a few days after the crime and the response team informs victims of their rights and available services to them that will help their situation. The DVIEP will also attend tenant meetings and conduct public education campaigns to inform victims of their services .Many states now have similar programs in predominately “hot zones” for domestic violence but are accessible anytime anywhere. These kinds of programs are good for to increase awareness and prevention of domestic violence. The victim benefits from the intervention teams that reach out to them because they have the support of community behind them along with their housing communities.

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