Alternative Teaching Strategies

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Education for many is the key to a successful career and life. It’s important to go to school and get the tools that will be needed for the future. Many school systems only believe that there’s only one method that is the best for teaching students the information that they need to learn. Many educators believe that the only teaching strategy that can best benefit student is to just verbally give them the information. Although this method can be beneficial to a small porpostion to the student population sometimes it isn’t the best technique for everyone. There are so many different alternative teaching styles that can benefit many students at school. The most common and used strategy used by many is verbal teaching. In this common strategy…show more content…
One strategy of teaching that can improve the retention of new material for students is more hands on learning. With this method of teaching are able to learn the information by physically practicing the lesson rather than just sitting in a chair all day. Maria Montessori emphasizes in The Montessori Method that children are treated like animals when they are pinned to a seat where they can’t move, “In such a school where the children, like terflies mounted on pins, are fastened each to his place, the desk, spreading the useless wings of barren and meaningless knowledge which they have acquired” (576). Hands on learning also makes the students more interactive and feel more involve with the class and the lessons. The hands on lessons makes the students use all their senses to take in all the information they are expose to. For example, they use their sight to see all the material they are using to look at the lesson in action. They also used their hands to touch and feel the material by practicing the material or lesson. The students also use their hearing to listen to the instructions and to listen to all the others of the outcome of the hands on experience. Other examples of hands on learning would be labs in science class or math exercises that involves the students to practice. This is the best method to get the class involve in the subject and to help the students retain the information by having some fun and
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