Alternative Sources of Renewable Energy

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With a growing population around the world, the need for energy is growing as well. We are accustomed to using fossil fuels as our central source of energy for everyday uses. Fossil fuels are a natural matter that is found in the ground of the Earth formed in a previous time period millions of years ago that are nonrenewable and are used for energy today. Fossil fuels have to be burned in order to produce energy. When nonrenewable resources have been used, they cannot restock themselves or ever be used again. Renewable energy is a supply of energy that can be used as many times necessary and does not use any compound made from the Earth. There are many different types of fossil fuels and renewable energy that we use for energy sources today. Recognizable renewable resources are geothermal, solar and wind power. Common types of fossil fuels are coal, oil and natural gases. An energy source that conserves the environment and is healthy to people is the top concern. People today are too dependable upon destructive fossil fuels for energy, which is why our attention should turn to renewable energy to conserve our natural resources. Furnishes of fossil fuels will eventually disappear and then we will loose our main source of energy for things that we do everyday. This is why the importance of finding other sources of energy is so significant. With the discovery of the great abundance of fossil fuels, no one could stop to think that we might run out of them because they are nonrenewable. Not only is the supply of fossil fuels getting shorter, but they are harsh to the environment and to ourselves as well. Switching to renewable energy is the best way to preserve what fossil fuels we have left and help make the world clea... ... middle of paper ... ...endent by using our own sources and stop spending money buying resources from other countries. This will produce more circulating capital in our own country and help introduce additional jobs. Using renewable energy takes time to convert to because we are accustomed to ways of getting our main source of electricity and oil through fossil fuels and have been for years now. Transitioning may be difficult and somewhat costly at first, but the long-term outcome is positive and extremely beneficial. Some renewable sources are used today. However, there are not enough utilized to be very effective. Increasing the use of renewable resources and diminishing the use of fossil fuels is the key way of preserving our planet. By being too dependable upon fossil fuels, we are destroying our country and should transition to renewable energy to conserve our natural resources.