Alternative Source Of Energy : Wind Energy

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Alternative Source of Energy: Wind Energy Over the last couple of years, scientists have discovered the alarming environmental damages that result with the use of traditional fossil fuels. Not only are fossil fuels a threat to the environment, but they are also an expensive source of energy that is being used up very quickly with such high consumption rates. As a result, scientists are currently developing cheaper renewable sources that can be used as alternative sources of energy. Among the several alternative sources of energy that scientists have developed is wind energy. Wind energy is an alternative source of energy that can be used for various purposes. Wind turbines are used in the conversion of wind energy into electricity. The wind turbines are composed of three blades called a rotor, which is attached to a tall tower about 30 meters high. The towers are at a tall height in which there are strong winds. The winds cause the rotors to spin and the movement of the blades spinning gives power to a generator, which produces kinetic energy that is converted to electricity. (This process can be seen in the diagram below). As well as supplying electricity for buildings such as houses, schools, businesses, etc., wind energy is often used in farms to pump water and grind grain. Wind energy is a renewable source of energy that is generated by the wind. Winds are caused by the uneven heating of the Earth’s atmosphere by the sun, which results in a current of air moving from warmer to cooler temperatures. These winds are responsible for spinning the rotors of wind turbines, which ultimately produce kinetic energy that is converted into electricity. Therefore, wind energy depends solely on the wind and can easily be renewed with ... ... middle of paper ... ...icture below). Although wind energy and fossil fuels are both sources of energy that result in the production of electricity, they have very distinct characteristics. When comparing the two, they both have advantages as well as disadvantages, but the advantages of wind energy clearly outweigh those of fossil fuels, making it a more efficient source of energy. Wind energy produces electricity in a way that does not harm the environment and helps prevent air pollution of the toxic gases that fossil fuels are responsible for releasing. Also, wind energy is a renewable source of energy that can easily be created, whereas, fossil fuels are a nonrenewable source of energy that take millions of years to form. However, wind turbine systems require thousands of dollars to be installed and large open areas, but overall are more effective sources of energy than fossil fuels.
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