Alternative Fuels And The Renewable Fuel Standard

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Alternative Fuels and the Renewable Fuel Standard In the contemporary world, the environment is becoming constantly polluted with several pollutants that are extremely harmful to human beings and the environment as well. Several of these pollutants emanate from trash that we pile and the emissions from vehicles. As a result of gasoline becoming scarcer, there is a strong push for transportation companies to use alternative fuels that are clean and safe for the environment. Several searches have been put in place to replace the oil industry in as far as alternative fuels are concerned. However, the costs of producing these alternative fuels are not as cheap as producing oil (Newman, 2008). Some of these alternative fuels include; biodiesel, natural gas, hydrogen, and electricity. For instance, bio-fuel is not produced without a cost. This is ascribed to the fact that food is used to make this type of fuel and this has led to several problems, notably the food crisis of 2007 and 2008 (Elam, 2008). This crisis led to the upsurge of food costs and distribution leading to several people going hungry and being deprived of food. Bio-fuels play a significant role in reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Bio-fuels use corn together with other agricultural produce to manufacture ethanol, an important alternative to petroleum-based fuel. Recent reports indicate that the quantity of corn and other agriculture produce are declining leading to the rise in the price of bio-fuel based agriculture. The main controversy that arose with this was the food crisis of 2007 and 2008 (Elam, 2008). Additionally, the increase in oil cost has also contributed a great deal to the upsurge in the costs of industrial agriculture, food transportation,... ... middle of paper ... ...s well as other harmful emissions. Some of the car companies that are responsible for producing some of these hybrid vehicles are Mazda, Mercury, Lexus, Ford, Chevrolet, Saturn, just to mention but a few. In conclusion, individuals as well as the government have a role to play in environment conservation and efficient use of natural resources. Households are required to recycle paper, plastics, glass, steel, aluminum, among other materials for re-use. This is ascribed to the fact that should we destroy the world today, and then nothing would be left for the future generations. In regard to this, the change should begin now through use energy sources that are renewable, as well as recycling the non-renewable sources of energy that is used (Future Vision Energy, 2011). Man should know that nature does not depend on man; however, man depends on nature and its resources.

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