Alternative Farming

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In the last 10 years, progress in the drive to reduce hunger has been slow and has been scattered around the world. According to the global hunger statistic, in the Asian, African and Latin American countries, over 500 million people are living in what the World has called "absolute poverty", along with the fact 15 million children die of hunger every year. (Shah, Global Food Crisis 2008). The world therefore still faces a fundamental food security challenge. Despite the steadily falling fertility rates, world’s population keeps increasing – and eventually will raise the demand of food. But as science develops, many biotechnologies have been generated to overcome the issue. Alternative farming can play a vital role in defeating world’s hunger because of its effectiveness as it increases long term soil fertility, ensuring decrease in price while producing food of higher nutritional quality at sufficient quantity.

Put simply, alternative farming is an agricultural system that seeks for techniques to achieve crops yields while respecting natural life-cycle systems. Different from the conventional farming methods, alternative farming’s farmers do not only use the basic farming methods but as well combining them with modern scientific knowledge, along with all the materials that are available. (HDRA, What is Alternative Farming). For plants, grains specifically, they need water and nutrients from soil to develop. Therefore, building good soil structure and plant fertility can assuage the food crisis by helping plants grow rapidly while making sure the products maintain high quality. By composing the already supplied material such as leaves, fruit skin to make composer, farmers already save a good amount of money for other purposes, s...

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