Alternative Energy Sources for the World

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The world has relied on the same sources of fuels and delivery systems for at least the past one hundred years. Since the turn of the Industrial Revolution, the world has been dependent on coal, oil, and other natural resources. These sources of fuel have worked fine for the world, until now. At the rate it that these fuels are used the world may one day run out of these precious resources. Our society must prepare now to utilize an alternate source for its fuel. The longer the world waits, the harder it will be to replace these fuels before they run out. Four different types of fuels are currently under research. These fuels are hydrogen, natural gas, bio-fuels, and solar energy. Currently under research is a new type of motor, known as a fuel cell. These alternative fuels and motors, with the help of the current infrastructure and machinery, could be used in the near future. Others still need more research and development. These fuel sources are not new to the world. However, until recently they have been unutilized. Recently researchers have found out how the way these fuels work. Just one of these fuels could replace the current fuel sources. Each one has its own characteristics and advantages. However, it makes far more sense to use these newer fuels unison rather than pitting them against one another in some form of contest. One of these fuels is hydrogen. It is colorless, tasteless gas. Hydrogen makes up almost 93% of all atoms in the universe (Wolke, par. 4). Hydrogen normally burns at a steady rate, similar to a candle flame, or under the right conditions, it can combust. Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. In the earth’s water alone, “one hundred and seventy million billion tons of hydrogen... ... middle of paper ... for everyone to handle. Works Cited Carter, Joe. Solarizing Your Present Home. Emmaus: Rodale, 1981. Print Gotlib, Louis. “Natural Gas” Gale Encyclopedia of Science 2008: 1-4. Discovering Collection. Web. 29 Oct 2011. Scheer, Rich. “Envisioning a Hydrogen Economy” Electric Perspectives July-Aug. 2002: 46-52. ProQuest Research Library. Web. 28 Oct 2011. Silvi, Cesare “History and Future of Renewable Solar Energy” Development Sep. 2008: 409-414. ProQuest Research Library. Web. 27 Oct 2011. Toupin, Laurie. “Fuel Cells” Gale Encyclopedia of Science 2008: 1-3. Discovering Collection. Web. 29 Oct 2011. Williamson, Charles R. “Natural Gas: Fuel for the New Economy” The China Business Review. Sep-Oct 2001: 38-41 ProQuest Research Library. Web. Wolke, Robert L. “Hydrogen” Gale Encyclopedia of Science 2008: 1-4. Discovering Collection. Web. 21 Oct 2011.

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