Alternative Energy Sources Essay

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The world is looking for a new dependable energy source to replace fossil fuels. Fossil fuels come from decaying dead organisms and the amount of it is limited. There are many alternative energy sources that are a lot more reliable and safer for the environment and its organisms living in it. Some examples of alternative energy sources are solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, and bio fuels. There are many ways that we can use these different types of energy to help decrease the amount of pollution that gets put into the environment. We can use some of these different energy sources to power cars, boats, and planes. Bio fuels can be a great replacement for fossil fuels such as gasoline. Solar power is a great way to harness the way we depend on energy. Solar energy is the suns light and heat being taken in by a solar panel and converted into energy which is then pumped into your house or building and used to power different things. If your panels harness more energy that you use, you can send that energy to your local energy supplier and they will give y...

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