Alternative Energy

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For many centuries, the earth has been expelling millions of joules of heat, flowing with hundreds of gallons in river water and handling the bombardment of trillions of photons upon her surface. Where there is motion, there is energy, easily converted and stored by some of our best technologies today. These advancements produce the necessary energy we need for our electronics, from cell phones to satellites. New Zealand currently runs its facilities using 77% renewable energy (Jarroud) and Hawaii running at forty-four percent with hopes of reaching one hundred percent by the end of the decade (Murphy). Despite shady days, ecological changes and chemical dangers, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal powers bring new innovations in application, solve blackouts and bring countries closer to being energy independent.
With zero emissions and a large electrical output, solar panels have grown in industry for their reliability and innovative flexibility. Solar panels are capable of producing vast amounts of power that electric companies would have to start wholesaling their electricity as low as negative one hundred and thirty-six dollars per watt to other utilities in order to handle the excess energy that floods in from consumers (Unger). As a rough estimate, solar power can be priced at fifteen to twenty cents per kilowatt, already comparable to nuclear power's twelve to sixteen cents per kilowatt (Sherer).With China’s production in electronics, prices have dropped significantly enough to make solar panels affordable, despite the drawbacks of bankrupting other solar companies (Sherer). Freiburg, Germany cut its emissions by twenty percent in 1992 and plans to further reduce it another twenty percent by 2030 (Unger). These cuts in coa...

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