Alteration in My Life: Moving to America

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There are many unfair things in this world. Some people are born rich and live in luxury, while some people are born into a poor life that people are suffering. All of us may live in a different life, but we also have one common thing before that. We are all born into this world to live once and we die when the time comes. While living our lives, we all taste contentment and depression. In this process, we sometimes meet moment of enlightenment and life can change in an instant.

When I was young I was an active child. I had many friends and they followed me a lot. I could tell my opinions clearly and express my emotions very well. I was always bright and cheerful child. However, when I moved to America for 5th grade all this was changed. Different cultures and languages in the United States for three years were like hell. For almost three years I had no friends and I only talked when it was necessary. When I became an 8th grader, I had to move to another school. When I became 7th graders, I barely made some friends, so moving to another school was impossible for me. But my parents...

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