Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology And Less From Each Other By Sherry Turkle

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For everyone today, technology plays a large part in everyday life. Technology has a wide range of benefits which is a reason technology has become so integral today. Technology has helped from elementary school children, to wealthy CEO’s. However, there is also a camp that thinks we should limit technology because of its negative effects. Frankly, I believe that we are afraid of change. We are afraid of new endeavors, new frontiers to explore; which is why people are so against technology. I think that an unfortunate flaw that humanity possesses is that, everyone calls for change. People call for change but they themselves refuse to change. People call for new technologies to change our lives but when they realize that they themselves are…show more content…
In a book written by Sherry Turkle, Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other she discusses that humans are losing the raw part of interaction because technology stop us from social, physical contact with one another. However, the question needs to be asked is why is this the case? In Alone Together Turkle presents information that is based off of interviews with people that happen to use technology quite frequently. Turkle herself is a professor at MIT, or Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she has also written a few books on technology making her an expert voice in this field. She presents an idea that people should relearn how to be alone and learn solidarity that she says is lost. While I agree that sometimes human interaction is a preferable way of human interaction, there are some instances where technology becomes necessity. In one such case a man spends a lot of his free time interacting with almost a second wife on the video game. In this case the man find solace and comfort in his typical work day. In…show more content…
Who is to say that we will not posses the ability to create safety measures when it comes to artificial intelligence or the cyber space. In an excerpt from a book by David Haugen and Susan Musser called Technology And Society Kurzweil discusses an event called the “Singularity” in which technology overtakes humans and become one with man. (Haugen, Musser 168) The emergence of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology will usher in a new age where theoretically humans can live forever. Kurzweil says that nanotechnology can be integrated with the human body. It would make us smarter, it could also fix disabilities and fight diseases from the inside out. Personally, this sounds like a great future. It sounds like a future where people with alzheimer 's, don 't have alzheimer 's anymore. Or people that can 't walk, can walk. In a future society with nanotech and AI we could live longer with our loved ones. Isn 't that an important part of the human interaction? Certain arguments say that the technology will create artificial intelligence and autonomous robots that are stronger, smarter and, faster than we are. However if that is the case, we need not worry because if we were to ever get to such a point we ourselves would be augmented with technology. Although naturally I don 't agree with humans walking around implanted

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