Aloe Research Paper

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For centuries people from around the world have used herbs for skin hair, and nails. Herbs have many healing properties and can cure or aid skin problems that synthetic products cannot. They are safe non evasive, natural alternative for people of all ages. If used properly along with living a healthy lifestyle you could cure your skin problems and keep your skin clean, firm, hydrated and wrinkle free.

One of The most hydrating herbs is aloe. Aloe is 99% water which will hydrate and moisturize. Aloe has many vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids, that benefit your skin. It adds antioxidants to fight free radicals so you prevent pre mature aging and wrinkles. Aloe is an emollient which softens the skin while protecting the elasticity and collagen. it's also an antipuretic which helps calm and soothe itchy red skin, such as roseasa,eczema, or a sun burn. Aloe will also fight acne with its anti inflammatory properties while helping oxygen reach your skin cells. Don't be afraid to use the thick gooey center of the herb, for its one of the safest herbs around. Aloe is used in majority of product lines in moisturizers, masks, serums, hydrating, anti aging, and acne formulas ranging in all price ranges. Chamomile is one of the oldest and most commonly used herbs ever. It originated and grows mainly in Asia and Europe, but you can grow it in your garden. its similar to aloe in that it soothes, heals and adds antioxidants to the skin. This herb has antibacterial properties to aide in curing acne causing bacteria. Chamomile can be used to lighten hair and the skin.
Studies have shown that chamomile can penetrate in to the deeper layers of skin when used topically. A chamomile oil or lotion will help soothe and re... ... middle of paper ...

...evels are raised the tissues around hair follicle become more resilient so that your hair will grow better. The herb is very beautiful when growing, looks like lilac, except the blooms of the flowers are star-shaped. Clary sage is referred to the clear eye herb due to its ability to attract irritating debris safety from your eye. If you ever have a splinter use clary sage it will kill the germs and help pull the splinter out. In The beauty industry you'll find that bio elements brand loves using clearly sage in their products.

These are only just a tiny section of beneficial herbs for skin and beauty. They are clearly safe as huge companies are using them in products and the FDA is approving them. You don't need to spend tons of money on products you can just create you backyard garden with your essential herbs.
Keeping you skin young, firm, and beautiful.
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