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A few students poor actions should NOT affect the trips that were already planned. There are students who deserve to go. The reason why a few students poor actions and decisions should not affect the trips is because, the students who are good could see what college is like. Also, the students who went on the trips would come back bragging about the trip making the students who couldn’t go because of bad behavior, attendance, and bad grades. Which will make them jealous and cause them to try harder so they can go on the next trip. Plus, the teachers and students could hang out, have fun, and be less stressed. There are many students in the Academy who love to go on trips so much that they wake up early and rush to school happy, focused, and ecstatic!

One reason that the Academy teachers should still give the Academy students the trip to a college is because the students could see what college is like. It’d be fun and they’d learn things about something that could make a major difference in their future. Wouldn’t you want every one of your students to be successful? You would make a difference in each one of their lives. You might even be able to change the thoughts of the difficult student who miss school and misbehave. You could change them before it’s far too late. You could even have a college student who acted just like them tell them, “Hey! If I were you, I’d hurry up and start trying hard and focusing in school. I use to act just like you... I didn’t change until the last minute. Which, was my freshman year... It was difficult, If I would have tried in the beginning of the second semester, I would of had plenty of time for my friends. But, I didn’t, I waited until the last quarter of the year. I had to say goodbye to my fr...

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...l feel like they are being babysat which they are. How embarrassing would that be? The answer to that would be, embarrassed enough to get them to act right in public.

Overall, there hundreds of solutions to your worries and fears. One solutions is make them stay near a teacher or have their parent go on the trip to embarrass them into acting right in public. Another solution is scare them about it not doing their work and being good in school with a college visit from a student who acted like them like it was said in the second paragraph. The last solution is have the bad students stay back so you won’t have any worries. These are a few solutions that would help alot! Like it was stated in the first paragraph, a few students poor actions should NOT affect the trips that were already planned. It wouldn’t be fair to those who did good in school and actually tried.
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