Alliteration In Pink Family Portrait

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Pink family portrait is a song composed by Scott, Storch and Alecia. The content of the story revolves around a family member trying to persuade the father not to run away from them in the time of difficulty. The song also talks about the challenges faced by family members as they try to forge unity and love to overcome certain predicaments in life. A lot of repetition and use of figurative language have been used to make the theme of the song come out clearly. The main aim of the song is to pass the message of the family union that is important in achieving love and peaceful co-existence. Within the song, the artist uses various poetic devices to make the theme and message of the song come out very clearly. As well, the poetic device is used…show more content…
It is usually characterized with two or three words in a song that have a similar consonant sound in the first letter and falls in a common phrase or sentence. The main aim of alliteration in a song is to create a smooth flow and onomatopoeia in case the song is sung loudly. In the song “Pink family portrait”, the part of the song that amounts to alliteration is the s’ sound and the p’ sound as show below. They are used to bring out the feeling of the artist who is persuading the dad to rescue the family
“I can 't stand the sound” (Scott, Storch and Alecia, 2011).
“Your pain is painful” (Scott, Storch and Alecia, 2011).
A metaphor is a word or phrase used in songs to make a comparison that exist between two objects. It is usually aimed at connecting the song to the theme that is portrayed in it. Moreover, a metaphor can serve the purpose of linking the song to a popular occurrence that is trending at the time the song is released. Additionally, a metaphor may be used to compare a song to another one that had been released earlier but bears the similar message. Song writers usually use metaphors to portray or compare actions, people, places, feelings or things that fall within the context of the song. An example of a metaphor in the song “Pink family portrait”