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Allied Global Services is a privately held recruiting company with corporate headquarters in the Kansas City area and regional offices throughout America. Founded in 1966, Allied Global is celebrating their fiftieth year in business. During these fifty years, Allied Global has diversified their services and expanded their company. Allied Global Services creates and retains relationships with clients by identifying their needs and delivering solutions so they can grow and prosper. The management teams of Allied Global provide excellent customer service for sourcing and recruiting.
The position for my internship at Allied Global Services is the Division Coordinator Intern in the Accounting and Finance division. My primary duties
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Everyone in the company needs to learn how they can use their time to be most effective and make sure that you are working on the highest priorities and not wasting your time. Compared to being a student, there was quite a change in how your time is being spent and learning what is important during your day. One other lesson that I learned was that in order to be successful and keep your job you must do better than average work. What I mean is that you can stay in school with C work but you most likely will not succeed in a company with C work. I learned that to be able to grow in a company and be able to be more than just a number in a company, you have to do above average acceptable…show more content…
My overall experience with the internship at Allied Global was positive and fulfilling. It gave me hands on experience in the business field. Because I knew very little about this industry, I found the position very challenging and rewarding because I had a great team supporting me all the way. Allied provided me the experience of working along with recruiters, account executives, and practice leaders in an enjoyable workplace. I acquired new skills and developed already existing skills including working with a team, dealing with management, and communication skills. Everything they offered in the job description was delivered. Allied has been more than helpful in the beginning of my career and I would recommend them to anyone I

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