Allegory is a story that works on two levels.

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Allegory is a story that works on two levels.

"Mature readers appreciate the powerful satire on communism gone

wrong, while for younger readers it is a hilarious fable of the

farmyard."-Animal Farm

As explained in the quote above, Animal Farm is a story that works on

two levels. One level is simple, and the other one is the more complex

and sophisticated. I would like to explain these levels in this essay.

But first, I would like to clearly explain what the word allegory

means by giving some examples from well-known fables. One of the best

examples is the Little Red Riding Hood. I imagine that most of the

people in this world knows about this fable. This story is translated

in to many languages, in many different countries in the world. Any

ways, the point is that what characteristics of allegory does this

story mention? Well, most of the characters in this story represent a

particular type of a human personality. For example, the wolf in this

story is not just a wolf. As you can see by reading this story, the

wolf tries to eat the girl by disguising in to her grandmother. This

is clearly explaining what kind of a personality this wolf is

representing. He represents a criminal who could trick you and swindle

you. The girl represents an innocent person, who can be tricked

easily. But at the end it comes out to be that the girl was not just

innocent. So, now you can see that the technique of allegory is used

in many stories without even knowing.

The simpler level of the Animal Farm, is a humorous fable with


"For younger readers it is a hilarious fable of the farmyard."-Animal


If you do not read this book carefully, this book is just a humorous

fable with talking animals in it. When...

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...It signifies how a country can easily corrupt under a

tyrant leader. Without even the people knowing, a terrible leader can

easily control the country. By reading this book, we can see that we

should try to save our own country by our own hands. We should not

depend on the government, and we should not 100percent believe what

the media says. The citizen of the country needs to keep their eyes

wide opened. You never know if the truth is being told. Did the

Russian people know what was going on? Did they THINK they knew what

was going on? We should never forget what happened to Russia by

reading this book, Animal Farm. You never know when it will be for YOU

to stand up and go against the tyrant leader. So, please do not forget

about Animal Farm and the Russian revolution. Even though you think

that this will not happen to you, it might happen You never know.
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